Editing notebook pages works in exactly the same way as editing Wikidot pages. You can click on the Edit button under the options at the bottom of the page and begin typing; it's that simple!

You can learn more about editing wiki pages on the help documentation, and you can view all of Wikidot's syntax on Wikidot's Documentation site.


Just like in a traditional notebook, you may wish to highlight vital information. On a web-notebook, it may be sufficient to bold or italicize text for emphasis, but if you want to highlight text with a yellow background, we've provided an easy way to do this. Simply bold and italicize at the same time!

**//Simply bold and italicize at the same time//**

In the above code snippet, the stars (*) represent bolding, and the slashes (/) represent italicizing. Note that the order is important!

Alternatively, you can declare a span tag and use the highlight class:

[[span class="highlight"]]Note that the order is important![[/span]]

If you want to have both bold and italic text, then simply reverse the order of the bold and italic symbols:

//**both bold and italic**//