In order to use the notebook, it may be useful to know how to create new subpages.

There are two ways in which you can do this: the standard method and the advanced method.

Under the advanced method, you would create page like you would on a regular wiki site. See the help doc for more info. Then, you need to go through a reparenting process, discussed later in the tutorial.

Under the standard method, you do not need to reparent at all; the organization is handled automatically, and this is the process that will be discussed here.

Standard Method

First, you must navigate to the page that you want to branch out from. When you create the page, that new page will become a subtopic of the page you were on.

Second, open the Admin Panel in the side bar, pictured here. If you cannot see this admin panel, then you are not an admin of the site or did not create an Admin CSS Page. To create an Admin CSS Page (allowing you to view admin options), go to the User Guide.

At the bottom of the panel is a Create Subpage option with two fields and a button. The first field is for specifying a category. By default, this is filled with the category of the page you are on. Using Categories will be discussed later on; for most purposes, this need not be changed.

The second field is the page title of the new page. In order to create a subpage, fill out the title field and click Create. Once you save the new page, you will have created a subpage!

Create Subpage

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The category field is pre-filled, but the title field is not

To verify the process worked, check the side bar to see if you can access the parent page. If not, then you may need to reparent the page.